Red Annuals

Red annuals are probably a lot easier to find than consistently red perennials so if you’re considering a red theme garden you might want to supplement your garden with red annuals.

Some of the easiest red annuals would have to be geraniums. Not only do they come naturally in red, they flower continually throughout the entire growing season and they need practically no babying from you.

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Geraniums are reliable summer bloomers and are great to use if you want to create a design in your garden. The University of Wisconsin used Red and White geraniums this year to create a classic W. AWESOME!

Loves lies Bleeding is a cool looking plant. It’s tall so plant it in the back, but it has long, fuzzy red flowers and adds interesting texture to your garden.

Begonias are another very reliable red annual. They don’t require full sun, which is nice and they bloom consistently all summer. Begonias are commonly used in theme gardens because they are small and neat and can be planted close together for a mass of color.

Some other common red annuals include salvia, stock, celosia, Gerber daisies, nasturtium, snapdragons, and nicotiana and zinnias. These annuals all come in shades of red, but you might want to make sure some are blooming because the shades vary so widely. You can also raise some of these red annuals from seed and that may be a good way to be sure of getting the colors you want.

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Red annuals and perennials are also great to consider if you are trying to attract hummingbirds to your yard as these delightful little birds are very attracted to red and especially red tubular flowers. More more about Hummingbird Gardens click here.

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If your garden is shady you should look to impatiens for your red annuals. Impatiens is a very reliable shady bloomer.

Finally, if you need flowers that will fill in, or creep or hang gracefully look to petunias. There are countless varieties petunias that come in shades of red and they will keep your garden, containers and baskets red all season.

Because my space is limited and because I’ve never really found a flower that I didn’t want to bring home I have never had a garden that is completely devoted to one color, but if I did I think I would still use a white or yellow occasionally in a red garden because red is such a strong color.

Using occasional pops of white or yellow among your red annuals would give a place for your eyes to rest, would cause the red to seem even brighter, and could be used to soften or separate the effect of clashing red colors.

Many colleges use their school colors to create emblems in flowers and I know for a fact that the Wisconsin Badgers use red and white begonias and impatiens to create many of their theme gardens.

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Have you ever created a theme garden? Are you thinking of doing it this year? Send me a picture of your red annuals. I’d love to see them.

Thanks as always for gardening with Julie!

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