Strong Smelling Perennials

by Brendan

Hi Julie,

To help cover the smell of my spetic tank I have created a border around it where I want to plant strong smelling perenials. Can you recommend some? Don't want them to grow too high so looking for plants around knee height. Border is round and about 4 metres wide.

Any help you can offer would be great.


Dear Brendan,
Many lilies have a very strong smell and they would grow to the appropriate height, but as they are perennials they only bloom once a year. I can't think of anything that would bloom and be fragrant all year.
Lavender blooms for most of the growing season and it comes in many varieties and heights. That could work for part of the time, and roses would be a natural, but be sure before you purchase them that they are fragrant because some varieties have lost their scent in favor of other attributes.

For more fragrant perennials click below:

Fragrant Perennials

I hope that helps, Brendan.

Good luck and thanks for gardening with Julie.

Just Julie

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