White Flowering Bush.

by Brenda

I have a bush that blooms white flowers in late spring, early summer. I moved into this home when it was new, the builder planted this so I don't know what it is.

After 3 years, it started to bloom sweet smelling white flowers. Maybe only 1 branch the first year. The second year, maybe 2-3 branches. Now in the 4th year, it is blooming more, but the entire bush does not bloom.
I have no idea what it is, but someone thought it might be a Mock Orange. I have looked up the varieties, and though very similar, I am not sure. DO not see any pictures that have the "furry, frondy" part on them.

The mature leaves are serrated, the flowers are kind of like something that might be a double blooming flower.

The back of the flower or base, has 4 petals, then the middle has several very small frondy, thin petals.

It is about 7-8 feet tall and I live in zone 4.

Thanks for your help,

Dear Brenda,
I think you've described you bush very well, but unfortunately I can't find anything that matches your description. The flowers do in deed look like mock orange or perhaps magnolia, but mock range typically blooms in high summer so that puzzles me.

Can anyone out there identify this bush for Brenda? We'd appreciate your comments. You could always take your picture and a few leaves to a reputable local nursery. Someone there might be able to give you a more definite answer.

Thank you for writing. Good luck!
Just Julie

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